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Careers and Qualifications

Worked as a hair stylist at a Salon in Osaka

Qualified as a hairstylist under the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Qualified as a make up artist from Mitsuhashi Tadashi Make up school

Received a hair salon management qualification from the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Worked as a make up artist for an agency in Osaka

Started working as a hair and make up artist in the UK

Received a practitioners diploma in natural facial massage and facial rejuvenation

Became the director and founder of Hiroko Takahata hair and make up.


Having trained and become an experienced hair and make up artist in Japan for seven years and then in London for twelve, Hiroko Takahata has now established her own salon. 

Hiroko has always been passionate about highlighting each individual's beauty and customizing their look around their personality. She believes that each person holds their own unique beauty within them and that her job is to bring this beauty to light and emphasize it.

Her aim is to make you feel comfortable and confident after visiting HT hair and make up.

‘ Over the years I’ve been doing my job with my pleasure, I’ve realized that little things make a big difference. I focus on the small details of each design to create a more beautiful look.’


‘The most enjoyable thing about being a hair and make up stylist is that it is a unique experience to each client. Having the perfect hair style changes how you behave, think and gives you more confidence. Feeling confident everyday changes your life style.’

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